ADAM’s individualized peer support program is a structured program based upon the principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).   Anyone 18 years and over who is interested in individualized peer support is asked to complete an intake form and meet with the Program Coordinator by telephone, Zoom, or when circumstances allow, in person -  for a confidential intake meeting.

All ADAM staff have personal, lived experience with anxiety disorders and have received training to provide effective peer support to potential participants.  ADAM staff may share information about their own personal experiences with anxiety disorders, as appropriate, with participants.  

If individualized peer support is the appropriate service, potential participants are referred to a trained, qualified peer support worker, who will provide peer support utilizing cognitive behaviour therapy principles, via telephone, Zoom, email or in-person (when circumstances allow).  All information provided by participants is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone without the expressed approval of the participant.

Participants receiving individualized peer support may work through the modules of one of our CB programs, with the support and input of a peer support worker.  The number of sessions may vary,  up to 10 weeks, with weekly sessions with the peer support worker.  Upon completion of individualized peer support, participants may join a CB group or a peer support group.  Peer support sessions generally occur during daytime hours, although special arrangements may be made for evening appointments for extenuating circumstances.

Individualized peer support is a good option for people with mobility, physical or other limitations that prevent them from participating in a group.  Where possible and appropriate, participants will be invited to participate in group sessions upon completion of individualized peer support.

ADAM’s peer support is focused upon helping people learn about anxiety and how to manage symptoms of anxiety while on their personal journey to recovery.  It is not counseling nor is it intended for ongoing casual interactions.  

Should an individual benefit from counseling or support for other concerns, the peer support worker can provide information about other resources and organizations.  It is not uncommon for people to participate in programs through other organizations for other issues, such as counseling, substance abuse, etc. while simultaneously participating in ADAM programs.

People seeking individualized peer support outside of Winnipeg are invited to contact one of ADAM’s outreach workers, who are located in various regions throughout the province.  The intake process outside of Winnipeg is handled by regional outreach workers, who arrange for an intake meeting directly.