Our Mission

Our vision is to reduce the impact of anxiety disorders on the lives of all Manitobans.  The Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba aims to:

  • offer self-help for all Manitobans affected by anxiety disorders
  • provide Cognitive Behavioural Programs (CBP), and ongoing support groups for the prevention, education, early intervention and management of anxiety disorders to adults.
  • provide resources for children, adolescents, adults, families, employers and health care professionals

ADAM Staff

Mary Williams

Executive Director

Vienna Code

Public Education and Communications Coordinator

Shelley Henry

Peer Support

Corrie Neil

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Group Facilitator

Lorraine Johnson

Program Coordinator

James Wigley

Outreach Worker - Swan River

Shelby Manargre

Outreach Worker - Eastman

Tami Geisbrecht

Outreach Worker - Central

Sherry MacVicar

Outreach Worker - Interlake

Debbie Fisch

Outreach Worker - Westman

Charity Hudson

Outreach Worker, CFC Program Team Leader - Parkland

Carlene Clark

Adminisrative Support

Board of Directors

Gus Nelson

Chair of Board

Dr. Jason Ediger


Sandra Peters


Board Members

Tasha Ellis

Zennon Lisakowski

Norrie Cunnungham

Amy Voloshanovskiy

Debbie Huber-McDougall

Wesley Takeo-Konrad

Kendall McLean