We are pleased to offer an updated version of the Anxiety and Worry Support Program, developed by Nicole Carter of the Valley Centre for Counselling in Dundas, Ontario.  Based upon a similar approach to the earlier version which focused upon pandemic-related anxiety, this is a practical, evidence-based program for managing anxiety, worry, and low mood.  It consists of seven sessions covering anxiety, worry, uncertainty, thinking, arousal reduction and activity,  and motivation.

The six-week program is completely free and is provided online via Zoom, or by telephone for people without computer access.  The program is facilitated by experienced, trained peer support workers who have lived experience with anxiety.  

Program participants are asked to complete an intake form and meet by telephone or Zoom with the program coordinator.  Participants work through one session each week and meet as a group over Zoom weekly with the facilitator for input, support, and guidance as needed.  Working through the readings and homework, including self-help exercises, involves a time commitment of approximately one and a half hours per week.

Here are some comments from people who have completed an ADAM CB Program:

  • This program (AWSP) helped me feel a lot calmer, steadier, and hopeful.  I really appreciate the offer of the ongoing support group which will keep my skills fresh.  Our facilitator was supportive and encouraging and gave us new ways to cope in our new world of COVID19.  Tami N


  • The facilitator was well organized and helpful during the six-week program.  I liked to be able to connect with the others dealing with their own anxieties.  SM


  • I feel like I have better control over my intrusive thoughts and managing how they make me feel.  It was nice to connect with other people with anxiety.  Anonymous


  • The course gave me strength at a time when it was hard to find!  I highly recommend this as a way to improve your quality of life and keep moving forward with new skills, strategies, and knowledge.  Anonymous


  • The material is really helpful for building coping skills.  They are small groups and there is ample time to share and discuss things.  There are resources for ongoing support provided after the sessions are all complete.  Anonymous


  • Our facilitator was awesome, always nice, and positive.  Always on time.  (I) found it extremely helpful when my facilitator told me things about her anxiety and how she overcame (them).  (I)Never felt judged- felt very supported and that I wasn’t alone.  Daphne


Dozens of people continue to participate in weekly support groups — because when the six-week program is over, supports are still there. Participants are invited to ongoing weekly (virtual) support group meetings to bolster their new skills and support network. 

The Anxiety Worry and Support Program is currently accepting applications. Please email adam@adam.mb.ca or call 204 925- 0600 to register.